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identify, validate, and bring to market genetics-based product innovations that enhance life


discovery, scientific analysis, and formulation of genetically relevant nutritional supplements & cosmetic products


premier research services and data analysis, genotyping, biobanking, NGS for clinical, research & consumer services


genetics-based lifestyle and nutritional protocols addressing weight, aging, cosmetic, peak performance and clinical goals


To identify, invest in, incubate and integrate ready-for-market products and technologies in health epigenetics


Genomics International provides a platform where genotypic, phenotypic, and lifestyle data are combined with personal technology to enable actionable information for personalized wellness and prevention.
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In cooperation with the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention The Thailand HealthSpan Study is a Longitudinal Study on Aging. It is a large long-term study that intends to follow approximately 100,000 men, women and children when recruited, for at least 20 years. For the first time in Thailand, there will be the opportunity to begin to understand the complex interplay between physical, social and psychological determinants of health, including gene-gene and gene-environment interactions.
President Co-Founder Genomics International


Aimon Kopera MD is President and a co-founder of Genomics International. Dr. Kopera has been involved in global health initiatives for over 20 years. In Southeast Asia she served in the International Medical Relief Operation under the United Nations. In the United States she managed and subsequently divested diverse holdings including Internet startups and commercial investments. She serves on the scientific advisory boards of international nutritional health companies and has extensive experience in the personalized health industry. She is also the lead Principal Investigator and directs the Thailand HealthSpan Study - Genetics Based Lifestyle Research.
Dr. Paul Evans Genomics International CEO
Paul Evans EdD is a co-founder of Genomics International and is currently taking on the role as CEO and Chairman of the Board. In his over 30 years of experience, Dr. Evans has served as an industry executive (IBM, A.T. Kearney & Young and Rubicam) in the United States, European and Asian geographies and a program director at the National Science Foundation. He also founded IBM’s Digital Studio spin off, MMPS, and was a member of the Fireworks Partners Venture Investment Team. At Genomics International Dr. Evans is responsible for pursing partnerships with a wide range of private companies, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers, research institutions and private foundations.
bringing genomics discovery to full market potential and societal impact through joint ventures and global partnerships